To create a solid, coloured, background layer, select New Fill Layer > Solid Colour, from the Layer menu, A dialogue box will appear, enabling you to name this layer, if you wish. You will notice that the new colour layer you have created is placed over the original figure layer: new layers are always placed above the currently selected layer; however, their stacking order can easily be rearranged. Once you've selected the colour you wish to work on, simply drag the colour-fill layer below the layer that contains your figure, For the purpose of this tutorial a white background layer has been created.

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Now create a new Photoshop file, in which you can work on your fabric pattern. Make sure your pattern file is the same resolution and roughly the same size as the file containing your figure. This will ensure that the pattern retains Its appearance when transferred to the figure file. It also helps to be consistent with units of measurement here! This pattern file has been given a strong pink background colour. Now you can create your pattern, There are many ways of creating patterns In Photoshop: you could scan an existing fabric or pattern, or create a pattern from scratch, using paint brush or shape tools and/or the define pattern command, under the Edit menu.

Once you've selected the brush you wish to use, you can edit Its behaviour via the dock, to the right of the options bar, under the brushes tab. The rose brush was selected here, and from the brushes tab, you can highlight Scatter and drag the slider towards 100 per cent, then highlight Brush Tip Shape and do the same, in order to increase the spacing. If you are creating a geometric pattern, or a pattern from scratch, you may find the guides and grid helpful. These can be shown or hidden via the View menu. This tutorial takes a more random approach, using the scatter settings to paint roses all over the pattern canvas.

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100 Fashion Tips

100 Fashion Tips

One of the most important things you need to take note of about becoming fashionable is to get fitter. Therefore, if you are carrying some extra pounds, then you should lose some of it soon. You can do it through dieting, working out, or a good combination of both. Find more fashion tips like this one within this guide.

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