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Graham Rounthwaite's street kids show how, by the late nineties, fashion illustration began to depict real people rather than focusing solely on the perfection of fashion models.


The digital age could not be more clearly outlined than by the work of Jason Brooks. His Pushca fliers became collectables, and his illustrative style Is instantly recognizable even when you only see legs and feet!

the nineties

By the end of the twentieth century fashion illustration was no longer considered the poor relation of photography but instead a credible rival to it. Illustrators such as Jason Brooks, François Berthold, Graham Rounthwaite, Jean-Philippe Delhomme and Mats Gustafson spearheaded illustration's comeback.

Berthold created a series of fashion illustrations that challenged previous styles. He presented cropped illustrations so that the head, shoulders, calves and feet were missing. The viewer's full attention was thus given to the garments illustrated.

Computer-generated images and digital technology in the nineties signified boom-time for illustration. There were illustrators who created small subcultures with intense fashionable following»: Brooks produced his computer-generated fliers for the nightclub Pushca, and Rounthwaite created a sel of New York street kids generated on a Mac. His ads for Levi's were projected onto huge billboards on the side of buildings—a true sign that illustration was back in town. Moreover, illustrations of the emerging, couture-clad supermodels by the likes of David Downton were splashed across every newspaper and magazine.

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