Now it is time to add the final details. Here, small drops of gold are added to the hair, and droplets of black in the coat create an interesting decorative counterpart to the white paper spots. These were added using the the end of the paintbrush, as well as the bristles, to achieve more texture. The delicate lines of the feather and the fishnet tights were added with a fine paintbrush as a finishing touch. This delightfully humorous image has been created using a fairly limited colour palette, thus proving the "less-is-sometimes-more" theory.

Once the wash is completely dry, the masking fluid can be fairly easily peeled off or removed with an eraser, Next you can add blocks of colour and subtle washes to represent the clothes. More water has been added to the figure's legs to create a subtle shadow to suggest nylon tights, and also to differentiate between the skirt and the skin tones. Acrylic has been used for the bag and the shoes to vary the intensity of the paint. Also, eyelashes have been added in acrylic with a very fine brush, along with a cheeky beauty spot to give the figure character.

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