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Drawing Hair

Advice for drawing hair

■ Lines for the hair should flow away from the scalp and continue in the directions set by the chosen style

■ Try not to make the hair too uniform or like a hat

• Rather than attempting to draw every individual hair, outline large tufts

• The female hairline is usually higher than the male, emphasizing the roundness of the forehead

• A female's hair is drawn with longer, more flowing lines than the shorter strokes of a male's hair

• Hair should vary in tone, having highlights and definition, rather than be treated as a single mass

• Hair can be styled in all sorts of ways: tied back, neat, wild, trendy, bobbed, wavy, long, curly, fringed, short, spiky, cropped, straight, plaited, and so on

Fashion Illustration StraightDrawings Hands Cover Fore HeadConcave SpikyIllustration Hands

Advice for drawing hands

• The surface of the hands reveals the skeleton beneath

• It is a common mistake to draw the hands too small

■ The hand should cover the face when outstretched—its length is about equal to the face from hairline to the base of the chin

• The palm is concave, the back of the hand convex

• Simplify the drawing of hands in a fashion illustration—you do not need to indicate every knuckle and fingernail

Advice for drawing feet and shoes

• The body's weight rests mainly on the heel and the outside edge of the foot

• Not including the toes, the sole of the foot is equal to the length of the head

• The big toe is approximately one quarter of the whole foot

• Shoes and boots must be in proportion to the rest of the body—a figure with tiny feet looks as though it might fall over

• When drawing footwear with a heel, ensure that the heel and sole are on the same plane or surface

• The fashion foot is usually drawn long and slender—the higher the heel, the longer the foot appears

• The higher the shoe, the greater the angle in the arch of the foot

Foot Fashion Illustrations

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