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An interesting way to find inspiration for a fashion illustration is to invent a story around found objects. Try carrying out the exercise demonstrated on this page and see how your ideas differ from the illustrator's finished artwork.

Start by looking carefully at the objects. Certain aspects will appeal to you more than others. You may find that a particular detail sparks off a train of ideas for a fashion illustration. The objects were chosen because they are commonly linked by age and colour—all have an antique, aged feel and date back as far as 1908. Focus your attention on the objects to absorb as much information as possible before you begin your illustration.

Fashion Illustrators MetalicFashion Illustration Metalic

Top left

A close-up photograph of freshly caught mackerel from Aberporth beach in west Wales provides an inspiring startinq point for stimulating creative ideas. Notice, for example, the light-reflective textures and interesting patterns.

Top righ t

In a mixed-media collage, silver foil represents the shiny texture of the reflective fish scales, and the shape of the eyes is recreated with transparent coloured discs and metallic paints.


These shoes have been designed with the fish-eye patterns in mind using marker pens. To create the effect of water, the background of the illustration is created using wax resist and ink.

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