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In the constantly changing world of fashion, trend-forecasting companies offer a prediction service to members of the industry. Promostyl is an independent company specializing in style, design and trend research. Created in 1967, Promostyl now has a large international client base, including companies such as Adidas, Chanel, Coca Cola, L'Ordal, Orange, Swarovski, Waterman and Zara on their books. Promostyl employs fashion illustrators on a regular basis to help sell its trends.

Launched in the early seventies by Danielle de Diesbach, of Promostyl, the Trend Book has become an indispensable tool for fashion and textile professionals. Today the Trend Book is a full-colour publication created using computer graphics with many colour fashion illustrations, in volume and in flats. These show clearly the accessories, colour ranges and garment shapes, prints, badges and logos of the future. Each fashion trend is divided into various stories as outlined in the images (facing page). The pages are filled with themed fashion illustrations, fabrics and colour details destined for the future.

Promostyl creates 15 different illustrated Trend Books per season, including Colours, Fabrics, Influences, Home, Baby-Layette, Sport and Street, Lingerie, Women, Ultimates (for young women), Men, Children, Junior, Shoes, Swimwear, Knit and Men's Body and Beach Wear. Promostyl's Trend Books are published 18 months in advance of the season they are predicting, and are compiled for spinners and weavers, garment-makers, fashion designers, accessory brands, cosmetic and sports companies, industrial designers, marketing people, and all those whose products must be in step with changing trends and lifestyles.

The Head of Communications at Promostyl, Lysiane de Royere, says: "Curiosity and intuition are very important qualities in this business. It is very important to know as early as possible everything that is new on our planet. At Promostyl, we have a network of agents, and information is continually gathered through travel, the international press and by consulting the Internet."

To make these books as original as possible, Promostyl employs just over ten fashion illustrators. "They are employed on a freelance basis, with some illustrators working three to four months every year for us," slates Lysiane. "We select an illustrator because of the allure or the modernity of their sketches, as well as the legibility of the items," she explains. "A Promostyl fashion illustration needs to be nice to look at but easy to understand and translate into a garment." The illustrators arc given as much information as possible to complete their work: a brief, rough sketches, colours and the names of the trends. "They use a range of materials including pens, pencils, markers and the computer. Very often, we ask them to scan their sketches and add fabric and colours onto them using Photoshop," says Lysiane.

When asked which qualities Promostyl look for when employing a fashion illustrator, Lysiane replies: "They need to have a good sense of themselves, be fashion-orientated and passionate about their work!" Lysiane also explains: "Our illustrators come from all over Europe. It is important to speak languages in order to be able to work with various countries around the world." With its offices in Paris, New York and Tokyo—and its widespread network of exclusive agents spanning Europe, Brazil, Asia, Australia—Promostyl's influence is truly felt around the world.

A selection of womenswear and menswear fashion illustrations and flats that feature In Promostyl's Trend Book pages. The illustration styles usually vary according to the story of the season.

New York Style IllustrationPromostyl Trend Books

Promostyl Trend Book pages display future trends for fashion, fabrics and accessories. Colourways for future seasons are also outlined.

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