This collection line-up is shown In a clean, uncomplicated style with subtle colours and background patterns enhancing the designs.


For clarity of understanding, this fashion illustration is accompanied by flat designs of the garments. The precision of the flats (see next page) enhances understanding of the designs and allows the illustration to be freer In style.

Flat Garment Illustration

methods of displaying a collection. The first image (top) presents the range in a simple but effective outfit line-up. Background patterns and colour choices are subtle but clearly emphasize a cohesive collection. The whole collection has been presented on one page, and the viewer can clearly see how the outfits fit together. The poses are simple, with various stances showing off the front of the garments, and the back views could be treated in the same way on another page of your portfolio. The second image shows both the front and back views of the garment, and focuses on the clothes in greater detail. The figure is accompanied by flat designs, which allow the viewer a better understanding of the shape of the garments. Even the pattern detail of the fabric has been emphasized in the circles. The block of colour at the bottom of the page gives it grounding, ensuring that the figures look as if they are standing 011 the floor rather than floating in mid-air.

Opposite, top left

Flat designs can also be done on the computer, serving the same purpose as hand-drawn flats in allowinq the designer to explain technical aspects of the garments.

Opposite, top right

An accurate specification of a coat drawn to scale has been worked using fineliners of varying thickness. More complex parts of the garment, such as the collar, are clearly explained.

Opposite, below

A mock example of an industry-style specification sheet produced using CAD/CAM software, based on the scale drawing above It.

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