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Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer

Become a Professional Fashion Designer

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For the purpose of this book the term "fashion illustration" is broad. It covers a wide range of art work created by fashion designers and fashion illustrators. Under the umbrella of fashion illustration, this book focuses on the fundamentals of fashion drawing and presentation throughout the design process. As the fashion-design student must present fashion ideas to gain employment on graduation, Fashion Illustrator explores the skills required to create an effective portfolio. Imaginative research directions are revealed, as well as how to illustrate fashion ideas, how to represent garments technically and how to compile mood boards.

While Fashion Illustrator provides a valuable knowledge base for the fashion designer, many successful designers only design clothes. It is common for such designers to employ fashion illustrators to present their collections and promote their labels. The fash ion-illustration student's portfolio will therefore be geared towards advertising and promotion. A flexible approach is required for working to briefs from a variety of clients, so Fashion Illustrator reveals how to experiment effectively with colour, how to use art materials and equipment, and how to select the appropriate artistic style, character and media for a particular client.

Whether you want to be a fashion designer or a fashion illustrator, the most Important skill to master is drawing the human figure. Fashion Illustrator dedicates a practical chapter to the figure thai should be referred to regularly throughout your studies.

Covering the broad area of fashion illustration and presentation, this book will prove invaluable for both fashion-design and fashion-illustration students. Many books aim to teach the skills required to illustrate fashion, and these manuals are displayed alongside showcase books featuring edited collections of illustrators' promotional fashion artwork. These categories have traditionally been separate, but Fashion Illustrator combines a how-to approach with a visual overview of historical and contemporary fashion illustration. By explaining the fundamen tals of fashion illustration and presentation, and bringing this rewarding creative process to life with rich detail, Fashion Illustrator serves as a valuable resource and teaching aid. It is useful for anyone with an interest in fashion, design and illustration.

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