Fabric Texture

2. Texture this is the roughness or smoothness of the material and us usually apparent in two places, the boundaries or edges of the garment or at its general mass where light values change (turning points -basic lesson on texture).

a) Edge : silk obviously can combine the highest degree of smoothness with thinness of material so its edge treatment is the sharpest. Next would be linen or cotton gauze where the edge would appear a thin line. Note - light will often reflect from a cut or bare edge. Fur is the other extreme.

b) Turning points: here texture can be shown as individual weaves, hair, cotton or thread stand proud of the material and cast their own minute shadow. The length of the shadow being determined by the sharpness of the fold (see below). This is where the professional artist makes judicious use of the many brushes at his disposal as well as carefully adjusting the paint to the viscosity necessary for the appropriate effect. Some will paint wet into wet and others paint over dry surfaces. Still others prefer to use glazes, palette knives or a multitude of instruments.

Can you decide from the above examples which is silk, cotton, linen and velvet?

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