Painting Beyond Fashion

Basic painting and drawing principles and techniques from the Renaissance to the present by John Hagan


Intro - Learning to look

1. aerial perspective -6 lessons perspective - the basics perspective - lets go outside veils of atmosphere sunrise and sunset reverse sunset and night clouds, mist and other veils

2. color - 2 lessons color the hows and whys color a different approach

3. looking harder - 3 lessons painting waves[2] shadows and transparency

4. light and shade - 4 lessons backlight works its magic side light and turning points front light, and artist's light cascading light and shade

5. drawing texture design-6 lessons drawing and proportion [2][3]

pattern and texture design and golden mean [2]

6. analysis -5 lessons what to paint and why analysis of 'girl with pearl earing' depth of field abstract and texture work chaos and disorder

7. practical application -31 lessons practical painting [2][3][4][5][6][7] portraiture [2][3][4]

demo Alexander [2][3][4][5][6] demo nude L2][3][4][5J[6][7][8][9] framing and selling [2][3][4]

8. personal paintings used here press [here] for giclee prints advanced art lessons

Send a short message with the phrase "please e-mail" if you'd like to read news of new free art lessons, new paintings(no more often than monthly) © 2000 All artork is by John Hagan unless attributed or known pre- 20th century masterpieces! NEW Information for new CD releases!

LATEST: A full view of all paintings available as prints can be seen by pressing here.

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