Painting in oils what you need to know about the paint

You can liken making paintings with oil paints as making mud pies with different color mud or plaster


Oil paint usually has 'thickness' so it can be shovelled, spread, pushed, trowelled, brushed and scraped - just like plaster or mud. It can be flattened or piled up ... and much more.

It has all these qualities if mixed correctly. Furthermore it can be made to be spread as thin as gossamer or as thick as clay.

All this depends on just two things:

a) The thinness or thickness of the paint, called its viscosity b) The implement you decide to use to push it around - knife, brush, stick, trowel. So what sort of mud or paint will we make, how dry or how runny?

Oil paint is made up of three main elements.

1. Pigment a powder made from ground rock or earth or root anything dry that is intense in color.

3. A drier of some sort as oil sometimes takes too long (a thinner)

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