The Alexander Painting

Unhand me good reason and pour me another scotch ... quickly! I stand before a blank canvas, brush loaded color mixed ... and mind blank. What to paint? Can't think of a thing. Suddenly a lateral thought (just a little water - don't fill it up ... and no ice. Thank you!) . Why not a painting on lateral thought? Who had the first lateral thought? Adam? Never! No Alexander the Great maybe with the cutting of the Gordian knot? Has that been painted? No you say! Well lets go. Get me the book on Alexander.

Mmm 'The Gordian Knot 'Three sayings used by pompous orators for hundreds of years as classical figures of speech are "as rich as Croesus", "I came, I saw, I conquered", and "to cut the Gordian Knot". All three had their original home in Turkiye. (Is that how they spelled it?) The first applied to a Lydian King; the second was said by Julius Caesar after a battle in Asia Minor, 47 B.C., in which he defeated Pharnaces II, King of Pontus; the last refers to a legend of ancient Phrygia. The city of Gordium, now called Gordion and is about a hundred miles west of Ankara. It was the capital of ancient Phrygia. One of its rules was a peasant named Gordius, who gave his name to the city after fulfilling an oracle of Zeus. Though I spent some time in the dusty cradle of man ... the middle east, still, I am going to have to do some research here. A street in some ancient city in Persia - one hundred miles west of Ankara? What would it look like?

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