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Flashpoint tripods feature European styling. They open and close with ease and have leg locks that really lock solid. Legs are multi-positionable and with the low center column, the tripods can be used for low, ground-level photography. Leg ends are rubber tipped and have retractable spikes. Starting At $169.95

CARBON FIBER M0N0P0D: Tough - lightweight.

BALL HEADS: Made of magnesium alloy, stronger & less weight than standard aluminum ball heads.

Starting At $39.95

You want to look good at the meeting, but you still want your expensive equipment protected while in travel. Quick access to all the compartments is not a luxury, it's a necessity! You need a rugged bag that will not scream "cameras and notebook inside, come and steal me". A complete electronic office on the go in a compact 12.5" x 12.5" x 7" Photo-Business Bag.

Multiple Adjustable leg angle positions.

Detachable center column for low, ground

Rubber tips for in-studio use and Spiked tips the field.

Multiple Adjustable leg angle positions.

Detachable center column for low, ground

Rubber tips for in-studio use and Spiked tips the field.

A Convertatton with Stacy PearsaO

The ftrit woman to wtfi Military Photographer of the Year twice talks about Iha military's top-notch photographic training ma

Not Your Typical Concert Shots - A OftA win photographer James MoUtson about his ft new cotiecfeon of concert portraits

Photographic Bootcamp

The Department of Defense* annual photo workshop draws lop instructors from the civtlian world

Canon EF 28-135mm V3.5-S.6 IS USM tens (User Review)

A PopPhoto com reader from West Frankfort. IL reviews the Canon EF 28-135mm 13 5-5.6 IS USM lens

I Bought vus tens a couple of years ago when re pnce was higher man it is today R does everything you would ask it lo do. I dont agree rat the images taken with ris tens are soft. I teach at a local college and have recommended mis lens to my Canon students and all are very happy wir its performance This lens usually stays on one 200 and I switch lenses on my other 200 as required As an overall lens this cant be beat

What's Hot: Autofocus is quick to respond

What's Not: l haven! been able to And anything negatve

Read the complete review here.

Rate your own camera or lens today and help feBow readers In thee buying decisions?

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From Sound I Vision magarint

From Sound I Vision magarint

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Designed to capture life's most moving moments.

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