Helmut Newton White Women


Why We Love It: What struck us immediately about Maciek Kobielski's simple but beautiful images for A4 were the tongue-in-cheek references to other photographers. In this shot, a classic Vogue Italia becomes the model's shirt, her face mirrored by those on the cover. In another, a woman nuzzles up to a photobook by Helmut Newton, the flat flash of the image playing off the high-contrast black-and-white.—m.j.

Helmut Newton White Women PhotographyHelmut Newton White Women


August 2007

American Idols


Steven Klein


Camilla Nickerson

Why We Love It: Who can resist a bedroom moment with Britain's most glamorous power couple? It's a comment on Victoria and David Beckham's nomadic lifestyles—her travels as singer Posh Spice and perpetual celeb, his as the great fiscal hope for the Los Angeles Galaxy—that the setting in this shot is an American hotel room. With models like these, who needs props anyway? Or clothing? (For the record, her lingerie is by Agent Provocateur and his briefs are from Dolce & Gabbana.) Model instructions: Act naturally and think about home.—j.c.

Dolce Gabbana Fashion Photography

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