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New Jersey

Join Nikon professional photographers and explore the historic towns and landscapes in New Jersey's picturesque Allamuchy-Panther Valley. Your trek begins at the Lakota Wolf Preserve, where an intimate encounter will allow you to feast your lens on Timber, Arctic or Tundra wolves. A trip to the Four Sisters Winery will treat your camera to classic images of the wine making process and allow you to relax with a tasting of a few of the winery's award winning vintages. Your lens will also explore early 19th century Americana and iconic imagery at The Red Mill Museum Village. Later, an evening shoot at Duke Farms will provideyour lens with unforgettable images as the full moon light glows through the majestic trees. You will also visit the Garden State's hidden gem, Skylands, a garden in the Ramapo Mountains full of unusual flora and fauna; the perfect place for photographers hoping to capture up-close shots of vibrant wildflowers. Sign up today for a photo trek to New Jersey, a state so full of sublime landscapes and eye-catching history, your portfolio will never be the same.

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