Sunset Rouifvard

Splendeur et décadence dune blonde incandescente.. Brûlée par le SI ( X >1S et les accès de tapis muge : victime consentante d'un star system prêt à exploser parfois, elle entend .coûte que coûte maintenir apparences et apparat.


Harper's Bazaar


September 2007


"Marc on Top"


Jean-Paul Goude


Katie Grand

Phoenix Tutu Costume For Women

Why We Love It: It s not every day that a guy in a tutu and tennles gets to play the heavy. Here Jean-Paul Goude mixes genders, costumes, and narratives while paying homage to his own iconic 1978 shot of Grace Jones. Recounting the phoenix-like makeover of super-designer Marc Jacobs after rehab, this Harper's Bazaar story plays off Jacobs's friendly ties with supermodel Naomi Campbell. Oh, and it showcases Jacobs's fall 2007 collection for Louis Vuitton. The fashion icons show they've survived with taut muscles, and humor, intact. —j.c.

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