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Fashion never stops. It hunts obsessively for what's new and next. Especially when it comes to the modeling industry, which overflows with newer and newer faces every day. That makes the achievement of Ihese five women even more spectacular, as Ihey have risen above the fray to emerge as proven stars—the hottest models that the industry's editors, designers, and photographers are calling to book right this minute.

Agency: DNA

There are models and then there are women who represent a cultural moment. In the latter category is 25-year-old English sensation Agyness Deyn, who is known as much for her personal style as for her beauty. DubbecJ the "new Kate Moss," Agyness made a name for herself by rocking the London scene with a super-hip clique that included designer Henry Holland and her ex-boyfriend, Josh Hubbard, the lead singer of The Paddingtons. As the face of Burberry and Armani, Agy-ness's high fashion appeal is quite apparent, but when Japanese cosmetic brand Sheishido signed her on as a contract girl, her global appeal was sealed.

^Catherine McNeil

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Catherine McNeil has the bee-stung sultry beauty that spells "supermodel," but the irony is this 19-year-old Australian is a tomboy, with a fetish for riding and fixing motorbikes. Before fate—in the form of photographer Mario Testino—intervened, Ms. McNeil's big dream was to be a motorbike mechanic. Since her six-month exclusive shooting contract with Testino, Catherine has found her face gracing billboards for Hugo Boss, Versace, Dior Jewelry, and Donna Karan, plus the covers of V magazine and Vogue Paris. You can almost hear the multimillion-dollar deals rolling in already.

►^Doutzen Kroes

Agency: DNA

This is the face that rings "ka-ching" for Calvin Klein (Eternity), L'Oreal, and Victoria's Secret, three contract clients who have already made Doutzen a multimillionaire. At 23, this Dutch wonder has exploded into full fashion stardom with a career that covers the spectrum of lucrative clients like those big brands, as well as must-read fashion bibles like Vogue, which placed Doutzen on its cover as one of the new stars of her generation last year. But as beautiful and wealthy as Doutzen has become, clients still sing her praises for being among the sweetest and most down-to-earth girls in the industry. And to think she used to train back in Holland to be a speed skater!

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