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Have you ever looked at professional trick photos and wondered why you are not able to get the same fantastic results from your photography? Well believe it or not, there are just a few easy tricks that you have to master in order to start taking photographs that will show the SAME level of amazing quality that professional photographers show! You actually do not need professional, expensive equipment to get that same amazing feel that great trick photos do; all that it takes is Knowledge. You will also learn how to improve your regular photography as well; your overall photographic knowledge will increase as a result of what you've learned! Normally it takes years to move from amateur to professional photographer, but with the skills that you will learn, you don't have to stay stuck in the amateur stage; you can move the professional stage very quickly! Read more here...

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Abstract And Texture Painting

Abstract Painting Body Parts

Many confuse abstract painting with modern painting or modern 'art'and wars and battles rage in the 'art' world We are concerned here only with painting. In truth, an abstract design is one that has no pattern and an abstract painting is one that has no form. The painting above is not a photograph but its realism is undeniable. It has form but no pattern (repitition). In a previous lesson I stated 'the human mind does not like to be overloaded with detail, particularly in a painting. It revels...

The Venetian Technique

Titian and Giorgione are generally credited with originating what became known as the Venetian Method of oil painting. The Venetian Method, or Venetian Technique, shares with the Flemish Method the use of transparent glazes for the shadows, darker darks and for certain special effects, and opaque highlights, but differs from the Flemish method in several important ways. The method evolved out of necessity, as the church desired large paintings of religious scenes for cathedrals, and wealthy...

Supplement Ambient Light

Sometimes in a specific location there is simply not enough light to shoot, or the ambient light is of poor quality. In this situation, I use artificial light to reshape the scene and capture the moment. A scene might have beautiful light, but it just wouldn't be flattering to the subjects or correctly illuminate them (especially with larger groups). This is another instance where artificial light on location would be appropriate. For the engagement portrait in Figure 10.1, we wanted to shoot...

Lesson Earn while you learn fashion drawing

Learn Book Feshion Magezine

T Courtesy The Coco-Colo Company The practical reason tor the use of line and wash drawings is that they reproduce better in newspapers than photographs do. It is important to make an accurate pencil drawing on tissue and to fill in the values with a pencil as a guide for the use of your wash tones, which should be done with a camel's hair brush and lampblack. When you are called upon to make a black and while drawing, you should ask whether ii is lo appear in a newspaper or a magazine and what...

Likely To Scumble

Scumble Paint

As the judge remarked about my life. 'Its like paint parts are opaque, parts transparent, and parts somewhere in between, according to how much light is able to pass through the tiny particles of your credibility.' But he was right about the paint. It can be opaque, transparent, and somewhere in between, according to how much light is able to pass throught the tiny particles of pigment. Transparent pigments are like tiny colored crystals, whereas opaque pigments are like little colored or white...

Photography Of A

Slimane Haute Couture

Invitation la danse, by Solve Sundsbo, for the March 2008 issue of Num ro. 67 Why We Love It Designer Hedi Slimane is best known for his work with the Dior Homme collection. He left Dior last year to protect his creative freedom, which thankfully has also given him time to pursue his photography. His photo blog is at diary. In this story Slimane captures the rich elegance of haute couture by ignoring color and focusing instead on texture. david schonauer

Men Picture Poses

Catalogue Model Poses

Here the water in the air was from a spray bottle we misted slightly before and during the shot. Sometimes I pose men in a way that creates a lot of action and movement, such as this subject posing as if he's deflecting a punch. Sometimes I pose men in a way that creates a lot of action and movement, such as this subject posing as if he's deflecting a punch. Catalogue poses. Catalogue-like poses are classy and typically what you think of when you think male model. He might have his fist to his...

Nigel Bawcer

Stauer Titanium Atomic Wrist

Nigel Barker plays a photographer on TV. He is also a photographer in real life. Complications ensue. I often get, 'Oh, do you do your own photography, or are you just on that show ' Barker says. And I say, 'Well, I'm a photographer on that show, so yes, I do.' That show, of course, is America's Next Top Model, on which Barker serves as resident photographer and judge, along with an assortment of fashionistas, including host and producer Tyra Banks. She's the one who sets the tone of the...

Experiment with Light

Fashion Photography Illuminate

Don't be afraid to use light in an unusual way. Perhaps you can blow out your highlights or strongly backlight an image. Use a light source that isn't typically a source of illumination. Often, the more creative you are with light, the more rewarding the resulting image. Figure 8.17 is an example of using light in an atypical way. When I was shooting in this alleyway, the end was bright and glowing. Instead of using this light as a background element or just for highlights, I used it as the...

Earn while you learn fashion drawing13

Mode Tekenen Leren

Wash drawings, tike photographs, consist ol graded tones ol black. They have on advantage over a photograph because the artist may use his Own style and still produce a photographic effect whereas the camera is limited to the absolute tar simile of the subject. When making wash drawings for reproduction, it is bet' 'o use about two values of gray, with block and white, in order to produce the greatest contrast. You start in the usuol manner by making a careful guide drawing on tissue which is...

The NINE heads template

Www Figure Drawing Templates Com

The nine heads template is a front facing, symmetrical fashion figure, measured in head lengths and widths, and drawn as ovals and triangles. The Nine Heads template is a simple starting point for drawing all fashion poses. It will be used here as a guideline for body proportions, drawing exercise Roughly divide the drawing paper into nine head lengths as follows Fig. 4.3 and 4.4 a. Draw ten, evenly spaced horizontal lines. Each division represents one head length. c. Draw the intermediate...

Direct Sunlight

Direct Light Fashion Photography

Shooting in direct sunlight can be perilous. In fact, most photographers are taught to avoid shooting in direct sunlight because the light is harsh, the shadows are deep, and it is hard for the subject not to squint. Typically, the light is not flattering, and it's just a pain to shoot in. But if you look at the pages of high-fashion magazines, photographers regularly shoot in direct sunlight. It has taken on an edgy feel because it breaks traditional photographic rules. Photographers use the...

Stylized and Creative Effects

Lightroom Portrait Presets

A really do agree with the saying, Get it right in camera. In other words, don't be lazy when shooting just because you think you can fix it in Photoshop. If you get it right in the beginning, you will save yourself time and hassle later on. Sometimes, however, you can't achieve a desired effect in camera. In addition, Photoshop allows you to take creativity to a level not possible in camera. In fact, a lot of my shoots look completely different in their final form compared to how they looked...

Stop Action

Use The Flash Stop Action Photography

In some situations the light is nice and flattering but simply insufficient to capture action or movement. Here you can use artificial light to capture the movement and perhaps still balance with ambient light. Furthermore, if you want motion blur in the background, you can use a slow shutter speed to blur the background. While blurring the background, you use a flash to stop the motion of your subjects. This is another creative effect I utilize often to convey energy and movement in a still...

Create Drama

Fashion Photography Behind The Scene

Because you are able to control the angles and output of light, you are able to create dramatic and almost cinematic-looking scenes using artificial light on location. Like lighting on a stage, you can create an intense mood. This is the most common reason I shoot studio or flash on location. In Figure 10.3, I have created drama by using dramatic angles of light and by underexposing the ambient light. This image was from a high school senior portrait session. The student, who was planning to be...

PaoTa c MOflenaMM

Florida Glamour Photographers

YMeHue pa oTaTb c MogenaMM caMoe rnaBHoe gna 0T0rpa a. Bh MOweTe biTb BupTyO3OM nOCTaHOBKu CBeTa M K0M 03M MM Kaflpa, ho ecnu bh He 3HaeTe, KaK HanaguTb eKTMBHoe coTpyflHMnecTBO c MOflenbro, TO Bam CHMMOK Bpafl nM BblMfleT yflaHHHM. B onbmuHCTBe cnynaeB b o nacTM KOMMep-necKOM OTorpa uu KnueHT m 0T0rpa no-ucKaMu noflxofla eM gna gaHHoM pa oTbi MOflenu 3aHuMawTca BMecTe. Pa3nuHHHe MOflenbHbie areHTCTBa cne- ManM3MpywTca Ha pa3Hbix Tunax MOflenet , HanpuMep, gna .qeMOHCTpa M MOflbi unu KOCMeTuKu....

Using the Lensbaby Composer

Lensbaby Photography

If you've never used Lensbaby before, you can always visit the company's Web site for instructions on how to use the different lenses. Here are a few things you should know when using the Composer the first time. It's a great tool, but it's not 100 percent intuitive. The Composer lens has physically interchangeable apertures. You change your aperture by replacing little magnetic rings to achieve f 2.8, f 4.0, f 5.6, and f 8.0. As a fashion photographer, you'll likely be using a wider aperture...

Fashion Photography Using Snoot

Lighting Effects Fashion Photography

Foam core cards are basically thick white poster board, often with a foam backing. These boards are inexpensive, durable, and effective for use as reflectors. To create a much more dramatic approach to a single light, pull the light more toward the model's side. By placing the light at a front 45-degree angle, you can create Rembrandt lighting, as demonstrated in Figure 9.10. Carefully watch the shadows on the face until a distinct triangle of light appears. To actually see the distinct...

Depth of Field

Foreground Background Figure Picture

There is no right answer for your depth of field in an image. You can shoot a successful fashion image at f 22 or f 1.2. That being said, a lot of successful fashion images shot on location are shot at wide apertures. The aperture you shoot at depends completely on the scene and the artistic effect you are trying to achieve. Many location fashion images are shot at f 2.8 aperture and wider. I love shooting at f 1.4 or f 1.8. It gives me just enough focus for the face body, while providing a...


Movies are a great source of inspiration because every aspect of the scene is planned. The speech, the blocking, and the props are carefully selected. Check out the clothing and lighting for inspiration. You can get some good ideas, especially by watching movies set in another period. When you close your eyes and listen to a song, visuals may come to mind. Perhaps you try to envision what you would do if you were asked to create the music video for that song. Or perhaps there is a favorite...

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