When shooting fashion flair with couples, I typically try to either tell a story through the pose or show an intense emotion and physical connection between the two. One pose might be playful and represent the joy in their relationship. In another pose I might get close and show a tender moment of a kiss. I frequently utilize inspiration images for fashion catalogues (like Abercrombie & Fitch) and fashion editorials I find online.

Poses for couples really depend on what you are trying to achieve in an image. You may have the two laughing and rolling around on the floor, or have the man leaning over the women in a sexually aggressive way, or have them playing piggy back. For fashion shoots, images of couples are typically sexualized. They are not necessarily blatantly sexual, but there is certainly a sexual tension in the air.

For engagement sessions, I try to convey the relationship between the couple. Furthermore, I try to create poses that capture intense emotional moments. In the couple's portrait in Figure 4.12, the man is literally sweeping the woman off her feet. This quiet moment is cinematic as they await a kiss.

Photo Man Sweeping Woman Off Her Feet

Figure 4.12

When shooting couples, I try to capture moments that tell a story.

Figure 4.12

When shooting couples, I try to capture moments that tell a story.

Similarly, during wedding shoots, I capture a range of poses that represent intimacy. In Figure 4.13, the pose is more high fashion because it's intimate without being overly sexualized. In fashion shoots, the posing can even become erotic, although this is likely not desirable for your client shoot. The type of poses you can achieve really depends on the comfort level of your client. Feel free to send them an inspiration shot beforehand for them "to practice" if a pose is complicated or intimate.

High Fashion Couples Shoot
Here, the kiss on the neck creates a romantic, intimate moment between the couple.

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