Eiegant and Surreal Beauty Dish and Flare

As I mentioned before, sometimes breaking the rules is the best way to create striking imagery. In Figure 9.22, I have broken several "rules" by blowing out the highlights and creating lens flare. Although these are usually things to avoid, in this instance it has given the image a beautiful and surreal appearance. To achieve this effect, place your subject 2 to 4 feet away from a white background. Then illuminate the background with a strobe at full power. This blows out the background and bounces back on the subject and into the camera, creating flare.

Surreal Figure Photography
Figure 9.22

If you place the subject close to a white background and then illuminate that background, you can create glowing reflections and lens flare. Here a beauty dish was the key light for the face, and barn doors at full power lit the white background.

The main light is a beauty dish above the subject's head and to the left of the frame (helps define the face). I also utilized a fill card under the chest to eliminate even more shadows. This lighting feels airy and surreal.

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