Flash on Location Tiking Control

a'll start this chapter by saying that I usually shoot either completely with studio light (in the studio) or completely with ambient light (on location). For fashion flair, I shoot flash or studio on location in limited situations and for specific reasons. At the same time, however, I know that some fashion flair photographers shoot most of their work studio/flash on location because they have developed it as part of their creative style.

I could write an entire book just about shooting flash and studio on location. In fact, I teach an entire two-day workshop just on this topic. If you have never shot with studio or flash on location, you'll want to read up or watch videos on how to accomplish these techniques. This chapter is simply an overview of how to achieve fashion aesthetic using these tools. It's not a basic how-to.

Using studio on location helps you gain more control over a scene and shape the scene to fit your creative goals.

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