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For inspiration in hair and makeup, I keep a lot of tear sheets.

Just as I do for lighting and other aspects of photography, I tear pages from a magazine when I see hair and makeup I might want to use in the future. Furthermore, when looking at the work of other photographers or of models online, I keep a folder on my desktop called Hair and Makeup where I save any inspirational looks.

Another great place for hair and makeup ideas is the portfolios of hair stylists and makeup artists. Many have their own Web sites, and some even have their own creative representatives (agents).

You can find hair and makeup artists on sites like,, and has a wealth of information, including links to hair stylists and makeup artists, links to many fashion magazines, and links to other photographers.

A creative hair stylist or makeup artist is sure to have begun a collection of inspirational images. If you are looking for ideas, ask if this person has a style she has been wanting to create.

I had once seen an image of a model with a variety of feathers in her hair. I decided to create a portrait that took that natural feather's styling to the next step and placed an entire turkey wing in the model's hair. The image in Figure 3.8 maintains its natural, wild, and elegant feel.

There may be instances when you decide you need a hair stylist or makeup artist as part of the shoot. If so, you need to find an individual or salon to collaborate with.

It is not usually a good idea to have the client go to a salon to have her hair done before the appointment. Many hair stylists just pile the client's hair up as if they are going to a prom or wedding—usually not what you want when doing a fashion shoot. You need someone you can give more direction to and collaborate with.

I have found a local hair stylist and makeup artist (one person) who is interested in doing fashion-oriented imagery and is available the entire shoot. Her services are included in the cost of my session and are offered as a value-add to my clients. Figure 3.9 is an image from a bridal fashion session I did with a client. Bridal fashion sessions (see Chapter 13, "Flair Products and Services")

Figure 3.8

This beauty image is focused on the styling of the model's hair and makeup, inspired from another online image.

Figure 3.8

This beauty image is focused on the styling of the model's hair and makeup, inspired from another online image.

can occur before or after the wedding day, but not on the same day. Because of this, a professional must do the hair and makeup. If done before the wedding, it may serve as a practice run on the hair and makeup to be sure it's what the bride wants on her wedding day. It can also be a time to try more exciting or elegant hairstyles than would have been practical on the wedding day. In Figure 3.9, a birdcage was added to the styling to give the image a more vintage feel.

Hair Stylist Hourly Rate

I suggest working out some sort of bulk or hourly rate with the local salon or hair stylist you work with. For example, you might agree that she will style 15 sessions for a certain amount of money or that she be paid hourly for up to a certain number of hours working. For each shoot, provide at least two retouched images for each different look for the hair stylist or makeup artist to use on her Web site and for promotions.

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