Shooting in certain locations requires permission. Sometimes obtaining permission is as easy as asking. Other times you may need to do a little more convincing.

If you have liability insurance (see the next section), it's definitely going to help you convince a landowner or business owner to allow you on his property. If you have insurance and someone is injured, the owner doesn't have to worry about having insurance to cover the damages.

Also, bartering is a great thing. Remember that your images have value. In fact, they have a lot of value. Offer the owner of the location images of the location that he can use for promotional purposes, including on a Web site or in a brochure. You can even throw in an image for advertising if the person is difficult to convince. Let the owner know how much your images are worth and how much you would normally charge for creating beautiful images of a location. Also, if you're bartering for images, be clear that the images don't include a model in the photo unless your subject agrees to sign a release for this purpose.

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