Figures 9.23 and 9.24 are similar. They have a similar pose and utilize two rim lights. Because I wanted to more clearly show the face in Figure 9.24, I added a beauty dish as a main light. When you find a pose or lighting setup that works well for you, don't be afraid to utilize it time and again. This can become a foolproof tool and even help you develop your visual style.

Beauty Dish Rim Lights
Figure 9.24

I used the beauty dish at a more dramatic angle to carve out the features of the subject's face. I then utilized barn doors to add two extra highlights to define and refine the image.

Studio Backgrounds

In the world of fashion photography, most studio backgrounds are neutral. Typically, a white, gray, or black seamless (paper) background is utilized. This is not a rule by any means, but it's usually the approach I take as well. All but one of the images in this chapter have a neutral background. A neutral background keeps the focus on the subject and the composition, lighting, or styling of the image. If I do use a brightly colored studio background or scene, it is to enhance the goals of my image. Feel free to use any background that suits your style, but remember that less is often more. For portraits, people often utilize brown tone or neutral muslins. You can add texture and depth to a background without detracting from the subject.

Fashion Photography Tips

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