Trashthe Dress Session

Trash-the-dress sessions have become increasingly popular in recent years, showing our market's desire for distinct images that are eye catching and tell a story. Think about offering this service to your wedding clients. Trash-the-dress sessions are what fashion flair is all about: telling stories, finding cool locations, and making memories.

After the big day, a bride's wedding dress normally sits in a closet or in an attic, never seeing the light of day and never being appreciated. Once it's been worn, it holds no purpose. People spend a lot of money on wedding dress preservation services, so why not spend your money on a session that better helps you appreciate the dress through one-of-a-kind images?

The point of a trash-the-dress session isn't to ruin the dress, but to achieve images that the couple would not have been willing to try on their wedding day. For example, now that the dress doesn't have to remain pristine, the bride can sit in the sand on the beach or wander through a field of sunflowers. A bride and groom can stand in a gentle waterfall or simply cuddle in the grass in the park. The images can be more playful and take place in more unique, visually striking locations. These images are timeless and convey a great deal of emotion. Brides and grooms are a lot more daring when there is no fear of ruining their clothing on the day of the wedding.

Trash-the-dress sessions are a great way to end an album. High-impact images symbolizing the start of a new relationship can be a great way to conclude the work you put into creating an album.

The most common trash-the-dress shoot, in my experience, has been the model submerging her dress in water. She stands in a pond, lake, ocean, or by a waterfall. In this case the dress is really trashed, but the images are unforgettable.

Try something unique. Figure out what type of trash-the-dress session would best represent your clients.

The couple in Figure 13.6 was playful, fun-loving, and daring. They wanted a trash-the-dress session that was bold and conveyed the playful nature of their relationship. They decided to have a bride and groom paintball war—winner take all. By creating this playful image, I was able to capture their relationship and preserve memories.

Trash Fashion Nature

Figure 13.6

Try trash-the-dress sessions that best represent your couple. This paintball shoot conveyed the playful and adventurous nature of this fun-loving pair.

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