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There has been a lot of excitement around Two Bright Lights (, an image sharing social network for wedding photographers and wedding vendors. This site provides a way for you to share your images with vendors at the weddings you have photographed, thus helping to increase your bookings via vendor referral and to get your gorgeous images in front of more potential clients. Furthermore, this Web site offers a quick and easy way to submit your images to a variety of wedding publications and blogs to increase your chances for publication and exposure. The more publications you have, the more prestige and exposure you attract and the more money you make.

Here are a few interesting features of Two Bright Lights:

■ Photographers can upload their images and connect with vendors they've worked with in the past. Like any social network, you can easily connect with colleagues.

■ Vendors log in to the site to access images for all photographers and weddings they have worked on. If vendors choose to use photographer images, photo credit is guaranteed to the right photographer for all image use.

■ Members can create marketing materials directly through the site using images that have been uploaded.

■ Photographers can submit directly to publications, top magazines, and their blog. The site tracks your status with different publications and notifies you if images have been selected.

■ For photographers, the site is free for networking and $15 a month if you want the ability to submit electronically to publications.

If you have been shooting fashion flair weddings, this is a great opportunity to try to get your work showcased in a variety of publications. Furthermore, this is actually a great marketing timesaver. In the past you had to mail CDs of images to vendors you worked with in hopes that they might refer their clients your way. Now it is easy to upload images and tag vendors. The easier it is to get your images in front of their clients, the more likely you'll be to get a referral. If fashion flair is clear in your work, these images will speak for themselves!

High-end weddings usually involve high-end wedding planners. One of the best ways to reach your target market of brides is to make allies with wedding planners. They are the gatekeepers between you and the brides who would most be attracted to your services. Brides hire these wedding planners to help them make decisions and to put the choices in front of them. Help yourself be one of the choices. Network with wedding planners, take them to lunch, offer them special deals, and find ways to show you understand their importance in the business. Consider sending high-end promotional materials of your best work to demonstrate what you can offer their clients. I have included a sample promo card in Figure 14.2. These beautiful cards have a high-end paper stock and unique die-cut shape, and they reflect the luxury of my services. Furthermore, there is a call to action that invites the event planner to get in touch. This is a promotion piece I will be sending out this year to high-end wedding planners.

Figure 14.2

My custom Luxe Cards (through Miller's Professional Imaging) show attention to detail and my high-fashion approach, and they include a call to action.

Figure 14.2

My custom Luxe Cards (through Miller's Professional Imaging) show attention to detail and my high-fashion approach, and they include a call to action.

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