Vertical Versus Horizontal

When I was just getting started in photography, one of my mentors taught me this amusing saying: "When's the best time to take a horizontal image? After a vertical. When's the best time to take a vertical image? After a horizontal."

In other words, try both vertical and horizontal images. With digital photography, you should feel even more willing to experiment and capture multiple shots because there are no extra costs except your time. We are used to shooting landscapes horizontally, but there may be a dynamic composition vertically. And we are accustomed to taking vertical portrait images, but horizontal portraits can take on a "fine art" feel. Be sure to shoot plenty of images in both orientations. Some locations lend themselves more naturally to a vertical or horizontal composition, but consider both orientations. Figures 6.7 and 6.8 show the same image in both vertical and horizontal composition. Each has a different feel and emphasis.

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