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A designer measures the length of a skirt.

When you see a beautiful dress or a cool shirt, do you think of fractions? Probably not. But fractions and clothing go hand in hand. Fashion designers use fractions when they make clothes.

Designers often have to add or subtract fractions. Sometimes a prototype looks too long after it is made. So the designer must cut off some fabric. How much fabric? It depends on the measurement. Measurements often include fractions. For example, a prototype of a skirt may be 31-3-inches long. The designer decides it will look better if it is 29 -2- inches long. To take away the right amount of fabric, designers must know how to subtract fractions.

That Collar Is Too Wide!

Suppose a fashion designer makes a prototype of a shirt. The shirt's collar will have a thin strip of fabric added around the edge for decoration. After making the collar, the designer sees that the strip looks too wide. He must cut off some fabric from the strip. But how much? The designer can subtract fractions to find out. He looks at his sketch and sees that the strip

He measures the strip. It is — inches wide.

So the designer must subtract fractions:

A designer changes the length of the sleeves on a coat to get it just right.

Now he knows he must cut off — inches

Fixing the Cuffs

A designer makes a pair of pants. There is a cuff at the bottom of each pant leg. Each cuff is -8— inches wide. After looking at the prototype, the designer decides he wants the cuffs to be inches wide. How much fabric must he remove from the cuffs? 8

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