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Complete the Pattern

The designer decides that one of her new shirts will have a pattern on the front that has rows of stars. She makes a series of five drawings to create her pattern. The fifth one will have the complete pattern that will be on the shirt. Look at the first four drawings shown here. Can you make the fifth drawing to show the finished pattern for the shirt?

Shirt with a Star Pattern

Sk< the

Many designers use computers to sketch their ideas for new clothing styles.

Many times, when a designer gets an idea for a piece of clothing, he makes a sketch to show what he thinks his new creation should look like. A sketch is a simple drawing. Often, it is not very detailed. The sketch shows the basic idea of how something should look.

A sketch can be drawn by hand. It can also be made on a computer. When designers sketch their clothing ideas, they often use geometry. They draw basic shapes. 2 They draw different kinds of lines. They draw angles.

Dress Making

Dress Making

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