Fashion And Its Dissemination

Technical Fashion Drawing

Fashion from the post-war period onwards spread and diversified in a way that was particularly striking. The companies in the sector made themselves more responsive to changes in taste among consumers, offering in profusion products which were suited to the most varied demands of the market.

The figure of the designer became increasingly important for the success of a company in the world of fashion. It was in the 1980s that the relationship between designer and industry assumed an absolute importance insofar as the latter had an ever greater need of the most well-known names to publicize and promote its product successfully at an international level.

It will be realized that clothing, just like other consumer products, is not just an external covering of the body, but is its living cockpit which seeks to represent through its function and aesthetic a real industrial undertaking that fully responds to the portrayal of the 'self and to the social context in which one moves.

It was from here that the need developed for specific studies relative to the mass media, to marketing, to advanced technologies with the planning of textile fibres which were ever more comfortable and futuristic. Fashion, therefore, is not just clothing but is an industrial product at the highest level of planning design. In recent years many sociologists and psychologists have also analysed fashion as a 'mass phenomenon'; Konig for example defines fashion as a fundamental force in social life that has found profound roots in the collective unconscious, not only in wealthy societies but in all types of civilization.

In his analysis he adds that one of the strangest characteristics is that the more it is studied, the greater the increase in importance that is attributed to it and adds that at first sight it seems to influence only the exterior aspect of people and things, but by observing it in greater depth it is revealed as one of the great principles of transformation in society.

The phenomenon that is fashion assumes a symbolic value and it is by means of transference that it reveals itself in clothing and every group, every individual expresses a part of himself through what he wears: dreams, needs, desires, taboos etc...

To conclude this brief psychosocial excursion we advise you to read specific texts which are useful in understanding the language of the body in non-verbal communication, to enter into the infinite space of the psyche.

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