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Casual Figure Drawing

As this illustration shows, it is sometimes sufficient to change style to substitute the materials and colours used, leaving the cut and the basic patterns unchanged. Eveiy detail and element of finishing accentuates the youthful and informal style.

Basic Fashion DesignFashion Design Drawing


Drawing The Fashion Figure

(For poses, see page 119), The fashion plates drawn in outline can be used as the basis for practising variations in colour and particular fabrics. Take note also in this case of the attention to details. For every suggested pattern it is advisable to carry out the relative drawings from the dress stand and some production schedules.

Dress Design FigureFigure Fashion

The same fashion plates have been used with different fabrics. To achieve these effects it is advisable to use special halftone screens, which are sold in special ist artists' materials shops. With the use of the computer it is possible to carry out innumerable variations in colours and fabrics. But in the absence of a computer it is advisable to use, besides felt pens, the technique of collage, through which it is possible to obtain surprising artistic effects.

various styles

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