Types Of Hairstyle

Drawing Realistic Hairstyles

The hairstyles portrayed here in various styles and lengths are a suitable way of personalizing various trends in fashion.

For classical lines you should use hairstyles which are unostentatious and sophisticated. For casual and elegant lines hairstyles which are more natural and fashionable would be more suitable, whereas for a very youthful item of clothing, styles which are more informal and amusing are to be preferred. When putting the finishing touches to a fashion plate it is important to choose an appropriate coiffure which underlines the style, because the type of woman for whom the item of clothing or the entire col lection are destined will be all the more clear, Accustom yourself to observing the appearance of the models as they are working, studying the smallest details in relation to the item of clothing that they are wearing, developing the curiosity to discover every message which is hidden from the superficial observer. Sometimes a hairstyle which is very distinctive and which goes with extravagant accessories is enough to engender fascination, even with a very simple item of clothing. Designers sometimes love to make their more classical creations seem extreme with hairstyles and bizarre headgear, in order to create an original and spectacular image.

Drawing HairstylesDrawing HairstylesDrawing Hairstyles

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