Face profile

With the view of the head in profile, the drawing guidelines remain the same but the shapes of the features are distinctly different (Fig. 6.7).

^^drawing the face: profile

Draw the profile view of the face following the instructions below and the point-by-point example opposite (Fig 6.8).

a. Head and guidelines: Draw an egg shaped head and the guidelines as before (Fig 6.3a). Draw a rectangle around the head. The left side of the rectangle will become the C/F line front, and the right side will become the centre back line (C/B). The original C/F will become the side face/ear guideline. Divide the left portion of the box in half lengthwise - this is the eye guideline for the edge of the eye.

b. Eye: Draw the eye, eyelid, brow and lashes.

c. Nose: Draw the nose line protruding outside of the box and the nostril inside it.

d. Forehead, mouth and chin: From the top of the head, draw a gentle curved line down and in towards the eye and out again, forming the profile nose shape. From the nose curve in and out to form the pouting lips and prominent chin.

e. Back of head and neck: From the top of the head draw a curved line towards the back of the head extending over the rectangle; continue down to form the back neck and finish with the angled front line of the neck.

f. Ear: Draw the ear on the guideline, between the eye and mouth guidelines.

g. Hair: Draw in the hairline.

j. Redraw and hairstyle: Overlay with semi transparent paper and retrace the complete face, leaving out the guidelines, but adding the hairstyle.

Figure 6.7: Profile

As the model turns her face to a profile view so her features change; only one ear and eye can be seen; the forehead, nose, chin and jawbone become more prominent

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