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The aim of a fashion drawing is to capture the design of a garment khd the overall look of the fashion figure of which, facial features and hair styles play a major part m projecting the fashion image. Just a few simple lin#s can portray a great deal about the sex, age, ethnic origin, character and mood of the fashion figure. Drawing the face, hands and feet will giwthe fashioh figures a professional look. All fnese feature's are sketched using understated lines so that they do not dominate a drawing but simply give an imtpression of completeness.

As with the fashion figure, you can learn fail safe drawing techniques to help you sketch the face, hajids and feet confidently. As you become accustflned to drawing them you will naturally develop your ovln style. In this chapter, we begin by drawing the features separately before sketching them on the fashion figure templates in the next chapter, Figure Tfflphtes.

Illustration by Karen Scheetz


art box

• 2B Graphite pencil


• Sharpener/knife


• Black fine liners I

• A3 (14x17 inch) semi-transparent


• Full length mirror

• Fashion magazines

• Portfolio/Folder

Full Figure Fashion Magazine

1 AT

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