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Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer

Become a Professional Fashion Designer

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For an organised, quick retrieval method, consider subdividing your resource folders into the following:

• Looks/concepts/moods/themes.

• The figure - female, male, children - as references for figure drawing and poses.

• Clothing - dresses, skirts, shirts, tops, trousers, jackets, day/casual wear, sportswear, evening wear.

• Fabric and trims - fabric designs, textures, prints, lace edging, buttons, braids.

• Colour - good colour stories, interesting mixes and concepts.

• Historical clothing - era or period.

Costume design - characters, concepts.

• General design - fonts, theme headings, graphics, presentation layout ideas.

• Style Icons that have influenced trends, for example, actresses and musicians - Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Clarke Gable, Queen, Given Stephani.

With your sketch books and resource folders in hand, you are now ready to go in search of ideas and inspiration.

Drawing Jacklin KennedyMatchstick Man Drawing


Evening Wear Sandra Kennedy Drawing Figures

illustration by Sandra Burke oval and triangle technique

Matchstick Men are the most elementary method for drawing figures - we can all draw them. The Oval and Triangle Technique takes you a step further by using simple blocks to represent the total body shape and its proportions, while clearly identifying the balance and movement of the figure. Whether your fashion drawing takes on the character of a gamine girl with big eyes a la Twiggy or a sophisticated diva, the oval and triangle technique is a simple method for understanding the basic principles of the figure. This drawing technique will help you confidently progress along the learning curve as outlined in the Figure Matrix (page 13). Just as you developed your reading and writing skills you can learn to sketch fashion figures.

illustration by Sandra Burke

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