Fleshing out template

This exercise demonstrates how to flesh out your basic oval and triangle figure, template 1 (figure matrix), that was drawn in Chapter 4. As you flesh out your template, bear in mind the eleven body parts that you drew in the previous section.

1. Overlay your template with semi-transparent paper.

2. Using a fine liner, smoothly trace over your oval and triangle template 1, (page 27), as you flesh out the body shape.

3. Work from top to bottom, and side to side as you draw, e.g. one shoulder then the other.

a. Head: Redraw the oval as an egg shape with the pointed end forming the chin.

b. Neck: Draw a cylinder shape.

c. Shoulder: Continue a smooth line from the neck making a wedge/coat hanger shape, curve gently over the shoulder edge.

d. Upper torso and lower torso: From the underarm position (just above bust line), taper to the waist and out to the hip and top of the thigh (lower torso).

e. Thigh to knee: From the thigh taper to the knee; draw the inside leg from the crutch tapering to the knee.

f. Lower leg: From the knee, the outer edge of the leg curves out to the wider calf muscle and tapers to a narrow ankle; from the knee, the inside leg indents then curves out for the calf muscle before tapering to a narrow ankle.

g. Feet: Refine the diamond as example.

h. Upper arm: Draw the narrow tapered cylinder from the shoulder to the elbow joint, and from the underarm to the elbow.

i. Lower arm: Draw the shaped cylinder from elbow joint to wrist, gently identifying the arm muscles.

j. Hand: Continue from the wrist and refine the diamond as per example.

Note: You may need to retrace your figure several times, continually improving your last sketch, until you have a fleshed out figure template you are satisfied with.

Figure 5.2a, b and c:Template 1 (figure matrix - left to right)

Fleshed out, basic fashion figure showing the original oval and triangle template; side and back views




tAppery Torso N

\ Waist/elbow


Loweiy Torso '

v CZro+ck/wrisf








Fleshing Human Figure

front bide bach

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