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Fashion has become a global phenomena; from catwalk to street it touches almost everyone all over the world. Television, newspapers, magazines and films constantly keep us up tó date with the latest fashion trends and fads. The fashion industry employs millions of people, not just fashion designers but also; illustrators, journalists, editors, photographers, models, stylists, hairdressers, manufacturers, sales and marketing, and not forgetting education. Clothing has long passed being just a basic need - most of us crave change and excitement in the way we present ourselves and compete with one another, making us fashion slaves and dedicated followers of fashion!

"Fashion tells us about our sexuality, our morality, our approach to individuality. It's what pop stars do, what kids on the Lower Eastside of New York do, teenagers in a Manchester disco do, football stars who are l ■ pushing forward fashion, life, culture The need for constant change is a pressure the fashion world craves continually." Colin McDowell (fashion writer).

stration by Aase Hopstock Storeheier

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