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Fashion Artist will teach you how to draw and present fashion figures and designs, and give you an insight into how your drawing skills can be applied in the world of fashion. The chapters have been set out in a logical learning sequence to guide you through the fashion drawing techniques, along with self-explanatory worked examples.

Chapters 2 and 3: Discuss the art kit and sketch book which are the tools of the trade. The starter art kit is a fundamental artist's tool kit which can be progressively built-up as you learn the drawing techniques throughout the book. Each chapter begins with an art box of items required to complete the exercises in the chapter. Chapters 4 to 15: Take you through the fashion drawing skills. To encourage you to put pen to paper you initially learn to sketch a basic nine head figure template using the oval and triangle technique, then progress to drawing several popular fashion poses using this technique (Figure Matrix page 13). The Figure Matrix is a summary of key fashion poses, templates 1 to 7, and sets out the sequence of drawing techniques in each chapter. You work closely with this matrix throughout the book as you flesh out the figure, draw clothing, render fabric, learn the techniques of presentation, and finally develop a design portfolio. In addition, we look at drawing men, children, costume and drawing from life, and using the computer as a design tool.

Glossary of Terms: Internationally, companies and educational establishments use different words for the terms in art, fashion and clothing. These will be explained in the glossary and also within the chapters.

Each chapter includes a gallery of visuals from numerous designers and illustrators around the world, along with explanations. These visuals set out to inspire you, and help your creativity and understanding of the techniques. The methods of drawing, the instructions and measurements described are given as guidelines and a means of building confidence in drawing. There are few strict rules and experimentation is widely encouraged to enhance personnel and professional style.


Figure Pose

Oval/ Triangle

Fleshing Out



Front Facing Template 1 (Nine Heads)

High Hip 1 Front Facing Template 2

High Hip 2 Front Facing Template 3

High Hip Slight Turn Template 4

High Hip Turned Template 5

Turned (side) Template 6

Back Turned Template 7

Figure 1.2: Figure Matrix

The Figure Matrix shows the progressive development of drawing skills and will be referred to throughout Fashion Artist

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