The face

Drawing the face can be a daunting prospect for the novice - one small line in the wrong place could ruin the artwork. Fortunately, there are a number of easy solutions to this problem, as demonstrated in the following exercises. Just as you used guidelines, basic shapes and templates to draw the fashion body, so a similar approach can be used when drawing the face.

This chapter will take you progressively though the techniques used to draw the face from the front view, turned perspective and profile.

h. Ears and hairline: Ears - draw the ears from the eye guideline to finish above the mouth guideline. Hairline - on the C/F, approximately a sixth down from the top, draw a curved line towards the ears.

i. Redraw and hairstyle: Overlay with semi transparent paper and retrace the complete face, leaving out the guidelines, but adding the hairstyle and neck. Hairstyles whether long or short, straight or curly are defined by drawing a soft outline shape. Then several tendrils of hair are drawn together to emphasise the style lines.

drawing the face: front view

First, note how the front view of the human face shows all the features symmetrically (Fig. 6.2). Draw the front view of the face following the instructions below and the point-by-point example opposite (Fig 6.3).

a. Head and guidelines: Draw an egg shaped head and the guidelines for the centre front (c/f), eyes and mouth.

b. Eyes: Draw as slender almond shapes over the eye guideline - allow an eye's width between the eyes and half an eye's width at each side of the face.

c. Eyelids: Draw lightly as a curved line above the top of each almond.

d. Eyeball: Draw the two opposite sides of a ball in the almond - drawing a complete ball would make the eyes look like they are staring at you.

e. Eyebrow and eyelashes: Eyebrow - draw a thicker, elongated, curved line above the eyes. Eyelashes - draw the top edge of the almond slightly thicker and extend the line slightly. Rarely will you need to draw individual lashes as this gives too much focus on the eyes.

f. Mouth: Top lip - above the mouth guideline, draw an extended 'M'. Bottom lip - below the guideline, draw a full, curved line. Mouth opening - draw a squashed 'M' on the guideline.

g. Nose: Draw two tiny, understated curved shapes either side of the C/F line above the mouth.

drawing tips:

• If you want to draw a perfectly symmetrical face fold the drawing paper down the centre front line, draw one side of the face and trace through for the other.

• Never over work the details of the face as it moves the focal point of the drawing directly to the face instead of the clothing. If you make a mistake and need to erase, do so carefully, otherwise redraw.

Front View Face


Figure 6.2: Front Face

The front view of the model's face displays all the features symmetrically

Tutorial Draw Face Front ViewSymmetrical Face DrawingSymmetrical Face Front And SideSymmetrical Face Front And Side
Face: Front view - showing point-by-point development
Draw Fashion Figure Face Front View

Figure 6.4: Face Turned

As the model begins to turn her face her features change shape and are no longer symmetrical; notice her jawbone and cheekbone become more prominent

Symmetrical Face

Figure 6.5: Face Turned 3/4 Perspective

As the model turns her face to a 3/4 perspective her features continue to change shape and are no longer symmetrical; her chin is now more prominent

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