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An assortment of Australian House Plans that are designed to help both the home owner and small builder find the appropriate plan to suit their needs. This combination of designs can help you select the right size home to fit your budget and allotment. There are a variety of plans to suit both flat and sloping allotments, low and medium range sizes of houses and also a special selection of duplex plans for the investor. This book is for people who know what they want in a home and also want to design it themselves. Included will be a floor plan, elevation plan and sectional plan which will enable you to incorporate your individuality in a home or part thereof with the convenience of full and detailed information. As an owner of our E-book you can copy the plan for viewing purposes and for helping create new ideas for your own design. Read more...

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Basic Fashion Design

As this illustration shows, it is sometimes sufficient to change style to substitute the materials and colours used, leaving the cut and the basic patterns unchanged. Eveiy detail and element of finishing accentuates the youthful and informal style. For poses, see page 119 , The fashion plates drawn in outline can be used as the basis for practising variations in colour and particular fabrics. Take note also in this case of the attention to details. For every suggested pattern it is advisable...

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1980 Textures And Colors

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