Fourteenthcentury French Nobleman

This gentleman wears a fur lined houppelande of sleeves. The skirt is slit at the sides with dagged ribbons brocaded silk with castellated edges on the Dalmatian trailing down the back. His hat is chaperon style.

Houppelande Dagged

Fourteenth-century French Noblewoman

The silk brocade houppelande of this lady has a sheer that match the plumed fur hat. over-cape. Her skirt and cuffs are edged with fur bands

Robed Female Figure

Fourteenth-century Religious Couple of the Upper Class Left: The woman wears an unbelted bliaud with a wears a knee-length tunic which is pleated and belted, pleated gorget and a plain headrail, traditional garments With full bag sleeves, it has fur trim at the collar, sleeves which date back to the twelfth century. Right: The man and hem.

Fourteenth-ce a. Gorget or wimple with a sheer veil worn as a headrail with a pearl circlet. Hair is looped over the ears. b. Gorget and gathered headrail which is tucked onto a headband, c. Cylindrical cauls worn with a chinband. d. Jeweled circlet with sheer headrail. e. Stuffed, rolled, and jeweled hennin worn with reticulated cauls and veil. f. Widow's mourning pleated barb, worn over the chin, with mourning veil. g. Simple headrail. h. Headrail y Headdresses pinned up in the style of a chaperon, i. Man's hood with liripipe and shoulder cape. j. Man's felt cap worn over a coif cap with chin strap, k. Man's felt hat, page boy haircut. 1. Man's sugarloaf hat worn over a hood. m. Man's conical felt hat. n. Man's hood with caul. o. Man's felt hat with peaked brim. Worn over a cap, it is topped with a feather.

Sugarloaf Hat Middle Ages

Fifteenth - centi

Left: The nobleman wears a short, pleated, brocaded tunic and a jeweled necklace. On his head is a padded roundlet with a chaperon. Right: The noblewoman wears a surcoat over a parti-colored skirt with an applique representing the family's coat of arms. The fur

French Nobility bodice of the surcoat has an embroidered and jeweled collar and closure. Under the surcoat is a long sleeved, hip girdled cote-hardie. On her head she wears a jeweled toque, chin strap, and reticulated net cauls.

Cotehardie Dagged Sleeves


Left: This nobleman wears a houppelande with petal scalloping. His hat is a padded roundlet with chaperon. Right: The lady wears a gown and hennin of metal shot

French Nobility silk, trimmed with a boldly colored velvet hat band, collar, cuffs, hem and jewel-studded belt. Her sheer veil is wired to hold its butterfly shape.

Fifteenth-century English Noblewoman

The lady wears a fur lined houppelande over a gown of necklace. Her rolled, heart-shaped, silk hennin is gold brocaded silk. Around her neck she wears a jeweled embellished with a jeweled net reticulated caul.

Embroidered Cotehardie

Fifteenth-century Left: The noblewoman wears a silk robe with an embroidered pattern. The fitted bodice and the skirt hem are trimmed in ermine. On her head she wears a steeple hennin with a black lappet band covering the lower edge. Showing at her forehead is a frontlet ring which is part of the wire cap under her hennin. Right:

German Nobility

The gentleman wears a knee length cote-hardie. The shirt fabric is pulled through the spaces between the buttons on the sleeves to create puffs. He wears a petal dagged chaperon with a petal edged liripipe hanging down the front.

Fifteenth - century Left: This lady wears a gown with full bag sleeves under a mantle with a cord closure. On her head is a padded turban with a jewel pin. The veil tabs have castellated edges. Right: The gentleman wears a brocaded

German Nobility houppelande with padded shoulders and long, exaggerated sleeves. He wears dark shoes, tights, and a felt sugarloaf hat.

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