Fourteenth Century Info

Thirteenth-century Peasants Left: This farm woman wears a wool bliaud, belted and his braes or breeches which are gathered and tied at the bloused at the waist. Under her straw hat she wears a waist. The legs are caught up and tied to pointes at the kerchief tied to form a gorget. She wears soft leather waistband. He wears a cap with chinband. His feet are shoes. Right: The man has removed his tunic and we see bare because he is saving his shoes for special occasions.

Jeweled Circlet

Thirteenth-century a. Embroidered linen toque with chin-band. b. Embroidered hennin with black velvet fold worn over a white cap and front loop. c. Two horned English hennin. d. Pleated linen toque with chin-band e. White linen headrail drawn through crownless toque, f. Jeweled circlet over crocheted wool net. g. Chin-band wimple and castellated linen toque, h. Straw hat worn over

Headgear and Coifs soldier's chain mail hood. i. Broad brimmed felt hat worn over a wimple and veil. j. Modified, stuffed and rolled hennin with padded circlet, k. Man's toque with tie-on chin-band. 1. Rolled under hairdo and beard of the period, m. Felt hat worn over cap with chin-band. n. Wimple with chin-band and circlet.

Fourteenth-century English Left: The lady-in-waiting wears a belted bliaud over an embroidered chainse. The sleeves are the same fabric as the bliaud. Right: The princess wears a fitted cote trimmed in ermine over an embroidery-edged bliaud.

Princess and Lady-in-Waiting

Her mantle is brocaded, lined with ermine. On sides of her head she wears cylinder cauls topped by a crown over a peaked cap.

Fourteenth-century English King and Page

The King wears a brocaded tunic, a shirt with melon his mantle and he wears his jeweled girdle at his hip. The sleeves and knitted tights with feet. Petal scallops edge page wears a girdle at his waist; his sleeves are angel style.

Fourteenth-century Dancing Court Couple Left: She wears a fitted robe with a long train. Right: poulaine styled toes. His hat, a roundlet, has a chaperon He wears a parti-colored jacket and tights. One leg of his cut into deep fingers, tights has an embroidered garter; his shoes have long


Left: The lady's surcoat is darker than the cote-hardie it covers. She wears a jeweled girdle at her hip and a jeweled caul on her head. Right: Over his lightweight, white tunic, the lord wears a brightly colored

English Nobility houppelande which is held at his waist with a long leather belt. On his head he wears a chaperon with a liripipe.

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