14th Century Fashion

Nineteenth Century Women

Fifteenth-century Left: The woman wears a robe with a fitted waist, the result of lacing in the back. Her skirt hem is tucked into the band around her hips to protect it from getting dirty, exposing her chainse. On her head she wears a cloth cap

French Peasants with a rolled head band. Right: Over his shirt (sherte) and braes, the man wears a laced cote which is open at the sides. His leather stockings are held up with leather rope. He wears a wide brimmed straw hat.

Fifteenth-century a. Steeple hennin, parti-colored, with frontlet, worn over a headrail of veiling. A soft veil hangs from the point of the hennin. b. Headdress of reticulated gold braid and pearls with drum cauls, c. Jeweled linen turban with veil and heron plumes, d. Felt embroidered toque with wired veil. e. Escoffion, or two horned hennin, made of brocaded silk, edged with pearls. Soft veil. f. Padded

Women's Headgear linen turban with jewels, pearls and gold braid. A liripipe hangs from the turban to the floor in back. g. Jeweled cap with wired veil. h. Wimple with castellated edge over reticulated cauls, i. Jeweled crown over reticulated caul, j. Diaper patterned steeple hennin with wired veil and gorget attached to band. Veil edged with brocaded band.

12th And 14th Centuries Hennins

Fifteenth - centu a. Felt hat with braided bandeau and peacock, feathers, b. Cap cut hair style, c. Roundlet with dagged chaperon and liripipe. d. Chaperon turban with liripipe in brocaded fabric, e. Cloth hat with page boy haircut, f. Cloth hat with turned-up brim and jeweled pin. g. Felt

Men's Headgear sugarloaf hat with rolled brim, jeweled pin, feather, and cord hatband, h. Velvet bag hat with rolled brim. i. Wool peaked hat with set-on peaked brim. j. Felt hat with cap crown, rolled brim, and feather.

Medieval Toe

Medieval a. Soft leather boot with jewels (10th c). b. Low topped button-on shoe with padded "scorpion" toe (12th c). c. Soft, low leather tie-on shoe (13th c). d. Soft, low, leather shoe with embroidery and pearls (11th c). e. Soft leather boot with sewn-on sole (11th c). f. Wooden patten worn outside to protect poulaine styled shoes

>e Styles

(14th c). g. Low topped shoe with straps and pointed, padded toe (14th c). h. Wooden patten with modified heel (15th c). i. Poulaine style shoe on a patten with padded toe, dagged trim and fur at the ankle (14th c). j. Shoe and wooden patten (15th c). k. Man's boot (15th c). 1. Lady's chopine (15th c).

13th Century French Costume

Twelfth-century Merchant and Noblewoman (p. 12)

Egyptian Loin Skirt
Fourteenth-century English King and Page (p. 25)
14th Century Clothing

Eleventh-century Peasants (p. 9)

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