14th Century Cotehardie

French Nobility Clothes

Fourteenth - century Left: This lady wears a pale colored cote-hardie, girdled at the hip. Her brightly colored surcoat has hanging sleeves and miniver trim. Right: The lord wears a bag

French Nobility cap with a padded, rolled brim and a jeweled ornament. His jacket is brocaded silk with velvet sleeves; his tights and shoes are parti-colored.

Parti Color Cotehardie

Fourteenth-century Flemish Nobility Left: The gentleman wears a shoulder cape hood with a shoes. Right: The gentlewoman wears a diaper liripipe over a cote-hardie with a matching hem. The patterned cote-hardie covering a white tunic. Her silk cote-hardie is accessorized with ermine cuffs and a hennin has a braided net. jeweled belt. He wears dark stockings and embroidered

Liripipe Hood

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