Ry Musicians

and high leather boots. A horn hangs from his silver belled baldric. Since commoners could not afford most brightly dyed fabrics, the colors here would probably be soft, natural tones.

14th Century Italy Clothing

Fourteenth-century Italian Upper Class Couple Left: She wears a gown with a jeweled bodice and a fur- houppelande has embroidered cuffs and a fur trimmed edged, front slit skirt over a brocade underskirt. The bottom edge. Topping his linen cap is a felt hat with a enormous, dogaline sleeves are lined with soft fur. On peaked brim and feather, her head is a stuffed, satin turban. Right: His

Baldric Fourteenth Century

Fourteenth-century Left: The lady wears a brocaded robe featuring long flowing sleeves and a train. Her wimple and padded silk hennin are bound with gimp and trimmed with fur.

Italian Nobility

Right: The gentleman wears a short tunic with a gold, enameled and jeweled girdle. His mantle is doubled and puffed around his shoulders.


Fourteenth-century German Middle Class Couple Left: The man's bliaud, which buttons down the front, the knee, the lady's bliaud buttons down the front as is covered by a mantle which fastens at the shoulder. well. Underneath she wears a long sleeved chainse. Right: Featuring short sleeves with tippets hanging to

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