Thirteenthcentury Italian Lady

The lady wears an embroidered and jeweled mantle over gloves are embroidered and jeweled, her head and shoulders. Her robe is brocaded silk. Her


Left: The waist of the noblewoman's gown has moved to just under the bosom; the skirt has an extremely long train. She wears a steeple hennin with a loose veil. Right: The gentleman's cote, or jacket, is cut short, showing his try Nobility legs to advantage. Featuring padded and puffed shoulders and slashed hanging sleeves, his cote has a fur trimmed collar. Around his neck he wears a circlet of fur.

Thirteenth-century Italian Bride

This young woman wears a robe of brocaded silk, shot metallic spangles and she carries a bouquet of flowers, with gold or silver threads. The panel down the front has

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  • anke
    What is the names of a thirteenth century noblewoman's costume?
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