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With this software you will be able to edit your photos in the same way that the best professional studios do You will be able to get the same great results that you will find in professional studios! Normally software that can get the professional results that you need can run you more than $500 for good quality. On top of that you often will not know how to use the software properly, which means you have to spend hours watching videos on the subject. Our software gives you a way to edit photos with professional quality while still allowing even the editing beginning to edit their photos in an attractive and high-quality way. Don't let people convince you to spend too much money Get quality without having to pay a premium. Photo Edit X can give you a way to edit your photos without worrying about all of the problems of professional software!

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Glove Of Mary Queen Of Scots

Historic Shoes

AVERY beautiful glove for the left hand, worn by the unfortunate Queen of Scots on the morning of her execution. It is made of a light, cool, buii-coloured leather the elaborate embroidery on the gauntlet is of silver wire gimp and silk of various colours the roses are of pale and dark blue and two shades of very pale crimson the foliage, or trees, is of two shades of estheuc green a bird in flight, with a long tail, figures conspicuously n the design the whole of the embroidered pattern is repeated on the other side of the gauntlet. That part of the glove form ig the cui is lined with bright crimson satm, a narrow band of wl ch is turned outwards, and forms a binding on to which is sewn the gold lace to the points of this are fastened groups of smaH pendant silver spangles. The opening at the side of the gauntlet is connected by two broad bands of crimson silk, now much faded, each bevng decorated at the edges with silver lace. The length of the glove is 14 inches from the tip of the...

Queen Elizabeths Gloves At Oxford

A gauntlets richly embroidered with gold gimp wire and terminated with a gold fringe two inches deep the embroidery ,s continued round the base of the thumbs, but the stitching of the iinger-seams is quite plain. The total length of the gloves, ncluding the fringe, is inches.

Sir Anthony Dennys Glove

ONE of a pair of leather gloves with white satm-covered gauntlets cut into panels and embroidered with blue and red silk in feather stitch, with applique raised padded work, enriched with seed pearls and gold thread, gimp and spangles, and further ornamented with gold and silver lace.

Shoes Of Queen Annes Reign

PAIR of very elegant and dainty shoes of exquisite workmanship. They are made of white satin a broad band, z inches wide, of gold lace with an edging of gold gimp, covers the whole front of the foot from the toes to the top of the instep flap. A similar ornamentation, but narrower, adorns the heels. Vhe sides of the shoes are covered with narrow white siik braid neatly ai ranged in parallel lines. The latchets are wide, and show the marks of the buckles which were used to fasten them. The toes are pointed, and the heels, which are of wood, are inches high the lining of the shoes is blue silk, except the latchets, heels, and instep flaps, which are lined with white satin. he length of these charnvng and perfect shoes is c)f inches, and their date seventeenth century.

Ladys Gloves

THIS pair of gloves, of elaborate and rich character, were evidently once the property of a lady of quality. They are of pale warm-coloured buff leather. The stitching of the seams of the thumbs and fingers, of green silk, is very fine, terminating below the knuckles in a pomted pattern while a larger and more elaborated pattern occurs on the palm of the hand. The gauntlets, which are sewn on to the gloves, are of dark claret-coloured silk, richly cmbro iered with gold and silver gimp and gold cord, and rrofusely spangled with silver discs. A design, resembling the Prince of Wales' feathers, is thrice repeated on each gauntlet. A narrow band of gold lace divides the cuff from the glove. r he total length is 124 inches.

White Gloves

Historic Shoes

4N elegant and dainty pair of light huff leather gloves with * a beaut-fully embroidered cuffs, with roses and other designs in blue, green, and pink gimp, lined out with fine silver cord the central figure s a bird worked in pink and yellow silk, the same pattern being repeated on both back and front of the cuffs. A ii j ng of pink silk extends some 3 inches inside the cuff, which is finished off with a yellow silk fringe. The total length of the gloves is 13 inches.