Long-sleeved bodice with suit collar, extended with two intertwined ties draped at the waist. Straight, front-buttoning skirt. Overskirt made up of two gathered tails of different lengths. UFAC, Donated by Mrs Bres FAVORI (Favourite) Autumn-Winter 1950 Oblique line Suit in grey wool flannel. Belted jacket with asymmetrical tie which passes under the belt on the left-hand side. Straight skirt, mid-calf length. Christian Dior Archives Reproduction 1987


Low-necked bustier top with wide, gathered straps. Dropped waist. Wide skirt with bow effect on left hip. Christian Dior Archives Short dress in pale green mousseline overlaid with four wave-like flounces Afternoon dress in black silk taffeta, fully overlaid by a large cape collar,


Dress in sky blue linen, short sleeves, turn-back collar decorated with a large flower in pale blue silk, front-fastening with four fabric-covered buttons, low waist, flat-pleated skirt. UFAC, Donated by Mrs Kaindl HISTORIETTE Short story Autumn-Winter 1955 Y-line Short-sleeved cocktail dress in red silk faille, V-neckline, flared skirt. Dress belonged to Helene Gordon-Lazareff, founder of Elle magazine, and mother of the donor. UFAC, Donated by Mrs Michele Rosier VOYAGEUR Voyager Autumn-Winter...

Soiree De Bagdad

Baghdad evening Autumn-Winter 1955 Y-line Short evening dress in ivory silk satin, embroidered with blue and translucent palmettes, gold and silver thread, pearls and diamantes. Three-quarter sleeves, square neckline. Skirt flares out in two scissor panels back and front. UFAC, Donated by Mr and Mrs Weinberg BYZANCE Byzantium Autumn-Winter 1 957 Fuseau Spindle line Evening ensemble gown in red silk lame brocade, embroidered with sequins, gold thread and coloured stones in a medallion motif....


Spring-Summer 1953 Tulipe Tulip line Evening gown in white organza, embroidered with green leaves and pink flowers, strapless cupped bustier trimmed with an organza scarf draped over the shoulders. Very wide skirt over a stiff tulle petticoat. Worn by Mrs Lazard, mother of the donor. UFAC, Donated by Mrs de Bord pictured MUGUET Lily-of-the-valley Spring-Summer 1957 Libre Free line Cocktail dress in white silk organdie embroidered around the square neck and on the skirt with lilies-of-the-valley...


Bodice, crossover, buttoned at back, PERUVIENNE Peruvian Autumn-Winter 1949 Milieu du siecle Mid-century line Black silk taffeta evening dress covered in black taffeta leaves, half-cup bustier top in black velvet. Wide skirt with taffeta fluting forming a train. UFAC, Donated by Mrs de Bord


Haute Couture

Autumn-Winter 1 956 Aimant Magnet line Sleeveless dress in white Perceval silk satin embroidered by Rebe in mother-of-pearl and white diamantes. Small box pleats caught in at the back by three bows. Dress worn by Mrs Arturo LopezWillshaw to an evening party hosted by Carlos de Beistegui at the Chateau de Groussay. Long gown in pale blue silk organza. High, crossover camisole top with draped shawl and long sleeves. Very wide, floating skirt. Belt in the same fabric decorated with a rose. Dress...

1950 Evening Gowns

Haute Couture Fifties Dress

Right Twice each year Dior presented his collections to a select group of private customers, buyers and the press. At this opening of the Autumn-Winter 1955 collection Marlene Dietrich is seated in the front row. Photo by Willy Maywald, 1955. Left For Dior, accessories were an important part of creating a total look and his dream was to be able to dress women from head to toe. These are his New Look accessories of 1948. Photo by Frank Scherschel, Life Magazine Dior selected each of his house...

Tour Du Monde

Suit in grey Dormeuil flannel with white thread. Blouson jacket with shawl collar V-necked bodice with fine straps. Full skirt with wide, flat pleats. Christian Dior Archives Donated by Countess Renee de Chambrun Dormeuil woollen fabric in black and white Prince of Wales check. Sleeveless dress with pleated skirt. Short jacket with suit collar. UFAC, Donated by Mrs Kaindl NORMANDIE Normandy Spring-Summer 1957 Libre Free line Ensemble in grey woollen fabric. Straight-cut, short-sleeved jacket....


Mesopotamia Skirts

Autumn-Winter 1947 Corolle Corolla line Dress in black wool crepe. Fitted, short sleeved bodice. Waist cinched with black leather belt. Very full skirt finished with black braid, like the collar. This dress required 26.70 x 1.3 metres of fabric, plus 42.50 metres of black braid. It took 230 hours to complete and weighs over 3 kilograms. Christian Dior Archives Reproduction 1987 taffeta with white spots. Fitted, front- buttoning bodice with a large, draped

Jeanpierre Gredy

Line Dress Style

Spring-Summer 1952 Sinueuse Sinuous line Cocktail ensemble in black Starella silk taffeta. Short-sleeved camisole top, overlaid at the front and tied. Very wide skirt, gathered at the waist then nipped in at knee length. Overblouse in fuchsia pink mousseline. Draped oval neckline, fastened with three buttons. Christian Dior Archives Raspberry red silk faille dress. Wide cradle-cut neckline, off the shoulders and caught at the back on the left hand side with a long fringed bow and tie....

New York

Autumn-Winter 1953 Coat-dress in black wool cashmere. Draped V-neckline. Belted. Wide front button panel with five mother-of-pearl buttons. Long, cuffed sleeves. This design was created for the 'Christian Dior New York' collection. Christian Dior Archives MYOSOTIS Forget-me-not Spring-Summer 1949 Trompe l'oeil line Forget-me-not-blue wool and silk frock coat. Scooped neckline, two metallic buttons. Three-quarter-length cuffed sleeves. Christian Dior Archives Donated by Mrs Leppert TOURBILLON...

Us trai l a

Haute Couture For Magazines

Mention Christian Dior to Australians with memories of the postwar years, and they are likely to recall the excitement of seeing the New Look after years of wartime austerity. The success of Dior's New Look sparked the revival of haute couture, and his authoritative word made headline news both in France and abroad. The postwar period was a time of intense interest in French fashion and Australia became part of an international audience that played an important role in the making of 'French...

Outure an

Dior Total Look 1955

'Far from wanting to revolutionise fashion I only wanted to dress the most elegant women, from the most elegant ranks of society. Such boldness from one so timid was enough to convince industrialist Marcel Boussac when Christian Dior came to him with his plan to create a fashion house under his own name, something 'small and secluded, with very few workrooms within them the work would be done according to the highest traditions of haute couture and would be aimed at a clientele of really...

Zig-zag Collection Christian Dior. Autumn Winter 1950-51

Christian Dior The Magic Fashion

Pivotal role by publicising the use of Australian wool by local companies in their production of French copies. From 1 948 onwards there was constant whispering in the press that the great man himself was to visit Australia. Such was his continuing significance that David Jones, in association with the Australian Women's Weekly, again negotiated with the House of Dior to bring a major parade of Dior couture originals to Australia in late 1957. Despite Christian Dior's sudden death in October at...

Haute Couture 1993

Fashion The Twentieth Century Baudot

T he Powerhouse Museum is delighted to be presenting the exhibition Christian Dior the magic of fashion in association with Christian Dior, Paris and the Union Francaise des Arts du Costume UFAC . Christian Dior is undoubtedly the most famous name in twentieth century fashion. The Powerhouse Museum, which holds one of Australia's foremost collections of costume, is proud to stage this major retrospective of Dior. This is the first time such a significant collection of Dior gowns has been...


Linea Corola Christian Dior

Short, belted jacket, rounded collar in white velvet draped over shoulders and caught with two bows in black faille. Straight skirt. Dress in black silk faille, high collar with optional shawl effect. Double buttoning, double breasted. Low waist, skirt gathered at hips and back. Dress belonged to Mrs Quinet-Vournassov, ex-wife of the editor of Combat magazine. Christian Dior Archives Suit jacket in raw silk shantung with suit collar and basque. Fine-pleated