Cavaliers Glove

seventeenth century

A CAVALIER'S glove, of white doeskin, measuring, from the tip of the middle finger to the point of the silver fr.nge of the gauntlet, it I inches. The glove and the gauntlet are all in one, and the latter is beautifully embroidered with silver, great richness and effect being gained by perforations through the leather between the tracery of the silver embroidery ; the gauntlet is lined for some 3 inches with a rich yellow silk. An unusual feature 'n the glove is a ventilating arrangement, obtained by a series of five rows of small slits, and a sim lar number of stars, in the palm of the hand ; the stitching of the seams is quite plain.

This interesting glove, now somewhat dilapidated, was worn by Captain, or Colonel, Lench at the Battle of Worcester, and a drawing of il ts given in Sir Sibbald Scott's book, entitled ! 'he British Army, vol. ii.


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