Chain Mail Glove

THIS interesting glove, for the left hand, is made of a whitish bn£F leather, which is entirely lined with fine riveted chain mail, within which is a lining of thin canvas to prevent the mail from chafing the hand of the wearer. Gloves of this kind were a cunning device of the glove-makers of the sixteenth century, and were used by duellers in what may be called the period of the dagger, when both rapier and dagger, or main gouche, were employed in conjunction with each other in the deadly duel. Captain A. Hutton, ;.n his excellent book, The Sword and the Centuries, describes how, with the aid of a mcil-lined glove, a weapon could be seized by its blade and wrenched from the hand of an opponent, even though the edges of the blade of his dagger might be furnished with sawlike teeth set backward like tiny barbs.

his glove came from the Bardini Collection, and is now in the possession of W. H. Fenton, Esqr.

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